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storm lake proudly claimsmsts diverse inhabitants as well as businesses as one of their strongest assets. " " a photo exhibit by biologist sam stukel debuted in sioux city today " " a new bike law is gracing the siouxland area making cycalists feel more safe on the roads. jess: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jess plue. storm lake could be classified as one of iowa's largest melting pots in regards to diversity, as several business owners in that area are not orginally from the states. abc 9's bria bell spoke to some of those businesses and has more for us in studio. bria: storm lake is a city where the demographics for minorities combined make up more than half of the population. i was able to speak
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businesses from the area where culture is the main part of their success. "if you live in a diverse place, you'll have to be open minded to the different cultures," says keokham. carina keokham lives in storm lake, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the state of iowa. she was born in california, but her family is from south east asia. carina alonside her relatives run and own a laotian and thai buffet and grocery store, she says that due to the cities demographics, she's been exposed to a multitude of different, nationalities, cultures, and languages....somethi ng that she doesn't seem to take for "last week i got to which is pretty cool customers who different stories about their about their food. stories and it's cool relationship with people you don't know," says keokham. owners who orginate from other countries is quite with a population of thousand. micronesian, a pacific islander, works at his families' pohnpei market, as a uncle opened the
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culture into the community. "he just wanted to bring our culture into the us like how the asains and the hispanics bring their culture and i guess he just wanted to start something like that," says pelep. although the store caters to the micronesian culture, kayfrin says customers with other ethnic backgrounds visit the store every once in a while too. "mostly micronesians come here but, then from time to time other races come to see how it isto buy stuff," says pelep. bria: demographics for storm lake is as follows: the white population stands near 45.4 percent, hispanics 39, asian is 10.8 percent, blacks are at 4.3, pacific islanders follow at 3.3 percent and american indians have a populationsof .09 percent. reporting in studio, bria bell abc 9 news.
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a photo exhibit took center stage at the betty strong encounter center in sioux city today. fisheries biologist sam stukel presented his 2-year- long photograghy journey of capturing the missouri river in all its natural glory throughout the four seasons. the exhibit called.. "a year on the missouri"..attract ed many anxious eyes to see stukels creation. the photographer displayed his mo captivating works for each season ...yet throughout all his time photographing the river, he said he was biased about which season he prefered the most. "i am a big fan of winter. i like the less people more elbow room. if the goal is showing people the river in a new way, maybe something that haven't seen before, winter is the best time to do that becasue typically we look at the river through the windshield or window of our cars from a distance durring that time of year and there are a lot of really unique features that come out durtring the
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stukel said he spent several years studying the watershed of the last missouri river resevoir ...and in these studies, he found his passion for taking pictures of landscapes. stukel has been on the river more than 100 days each year for the past decade. jess if you're a bicyclist, this weekend was a good time to shake off the rust and hit the roadways. and after some progress during funnel week, a bill dedicated to bike safety is closer to becoming reality. jacob peklo from our local 5 affiliate explains. "(natural sound of bike rustling) there's a sense of renewal inside this bike show, as the signs of winter slowly melt away. forrest ridgeway, bike world owner: "we have a real lull in the winter time and we have a huge peak in the spring and summer time." natural sound: "just go on up and there and loop around." jeri gates is picking out a new bicycle for spring, but like most people at this sale, had to drive here. jeri gates, west des moines resident: "i'm hoping to spend more time on the trails." gates says she's aware of the rules currently in place for drivers and bicyclists, but says stronger laws... and
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difference. she understands drivers can also be a bit uneasy around bicyclists. jeri gates, west des moines resident: "in general, the drivers do respect that, but as a biker i feel that i would feel safer knowing there would be more laws in place." forrest ridgeway, bike world owner: "i would suggest that everybody who rides a lot of miles on the roads has been buzzed more than once." but thanks to some efforts in the iowa legislature, those days of getting nearly clipped by a car could be minimized. the latest proposal would require drivers to give bicyclists a full lane of clearance, in order to pass them. (natural sound of car passing) jeri gates, west des moines resident: "i can be intimidating having a car really close to you, especially if you're going quite fast. so, that would definitely put my mind at ease, having that greater space." julie curry says she usually sticks to the trails while out riding, but says it would give her a lot more confidence if the new law was put in place. julie curry, des moines resident: "i would be relieved, i have a great fear of getting hit by a car." and while nothing replaces self- awareness, the addition of an improved law would be a good start for drivers and cyclists alike. patrick wilson, des moines resident: "you have to be concerned about
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rage, and it's concerning because is going to lose." jess currently have similar laws on the books. fine in iowa for passing a cyclist is 250 dollars. a native from lincoln, nebraska for herself in the modeling world. not only is she making headlines-- now ..she's making history-- appearing on the cover of one of the most iconic magazines in the country. lauren wilson with channel 8 eye the story. "(nat pop) from editorial... ... to runway... to starting her own lingerie line... nat pop (30 under 30)... 28-year-old ashley graham has made a name for herself in the international sot: didn't happen and this week, the lincoln native impressive resume, first size-16 model to the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit edition. i'm so honored
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i'm on the cover!' i thought she was pranking me. but she said, 'no i'm serious!' i ght she was pranking me, but she had me on speakerphone with her whole team. and i just started crying. there i was at southpointe and i was crying." graham made her cover debut this week, just in time for unl's "love my body" campaign. it promotes a healthy body image on campus and organizers were excited to announce that one of lincoln's very own was helping spread that message. nat pop: "she's from nebraska, and that's pretty awesome." ashley: "we are going to be the ones that say, 'it doesn't matter what size you are, it doesn't matter if you have cellulite, it doesn't matter if things jiggle where they're not supposed to. that's beautiful." graham will share the spotlight with two other models this year-ronda rousey and hailey clauson-who will all be featured on separate covers of the swimsuit edition. " jess sports illustrated has
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the same year. jess another big weekend in the political world-- especially for three candidates. donald trump spoke to a crowd of supporters in atlanta today-- just after a huge payoff in south carolina. trump won the south carolina primaries saturday. his win was so commanding-- he clinched every single delegate in the palmetto state. eventhoguh trump said it's not easy running for president-- he said winning is a beautiful thing. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) yesterday, incredible. incredible. (cheers) or i'll tell what you, after another. are we going to win georgia? (cheers) we have to go out and vote. we have to get out there. we have to vote." eventhough the two had one of the known political feuds-- doanld trump actually had some say about jeb bush-- and the suspension of his
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(donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "jeb fought very hard. it wasn't his time, that's all. he's a very capable person. it just wasn't his time." donald trump's sizeable lead going forward-- spells trouble for cruz and rubio-- because come march 15th the races are winner-takes-all. jess and on the democratic side-- luck was on hillary clinton's side in nevada-- where she took home the caucus win. clinton flew to houston right after the victory and held a huge rally at the texas southern university. clinton said on the state of the union-- that it was a great night for her presidential campaign-- and put a lot of the praise on her team. (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate) "it was hard fought and i just can't say enough about the team on the ground who'd been there for months and the thousands and thousands of volunteers who really got to work. we saw so much great activity the last week and it turned out to be more than enough and i'm really happy about that." next up-- the democrats head to south carolina for their first- in-the-south
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je pope francis is now calling for a one-year moratorium on the death penalty. he's proposing that catholic leaders suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy... that push for forgiveness runs through november. the pontiff is also throwing his support behind a conference set to begin on monday... that he hopes, will help bring an end to capital punishment. jess when we come back... a new yorker who lost his wallet got some of his things back-- and a little surprise that has everyone in the city laughing-- we'll tell you why after the break elisa foggy tonight, rain/ snow coming for us monday night.. then cool sunshine in the 7-day. details next.
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some of his valuables back... after the robber decided to kind-of, sort-of do the right thing. most of items were returned, along with a brutally honest letter that's been called "the most new york note imaginable"... cnn's jeanne moos has more on the story that's got the whole city laughing. "(nat sound) he went to a wilco concert in brooklyn, and when reilly flaherty got home he realized, uh oh, lost my wallet. (reilly flaherty/lost wallet) "i have that classic freakout moment." but the really freaky part happened later. (reilly flaherty/lost wallet) "two weeks later this crazy envelope just shows up. dear reilly flaherty. i found your wallet and your drivers license. had your address. so here's your credit cards
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that's the good news, even though reilly had already and credit cards. (kelly ripa/host, "live michael") "i kept the cash because i needed weed (laughter)." "the metrocard because, well, the cause it's kinda cool." at least the wallet- napper has good taste, it's a handmade leather wallet. reilly posted the letter on social media, writing "thanks...i think." correspondent) the letter is on the front page of the paper and it's being read aloud on national tv." (kelly ripa/host, "live with kelly and michael") "enjoy the rest of your day. toodles. anonymous (laughter, clap)." toodles? what kind of half good samaritan, half thief talks like a teenager. (nat sound) "toodles." (reilly flaherty/lost wallet) "the ironic thing is that we could have been good friends. we both like wilco, indie music, same taste in wallets." it's such a new york thing. a little selfish, a little selfless. (kelly ripa/host, "live with kelly and michael") "anonymous' honesty is actually kind of charming?" (reilly flaherty/lost wallet) "you know we've got this pot smoking modern-day robin
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sending a hand scrawled letter with a charlie brown stamp. maybe that's a clue. maybe charlie brown did it. (peanuts) "good grief!" jeanne moos, c-n-n, new york. " jess/elisa misty out there! elisa elisa raffa m flood warning in effect near spencer for the ocheyedan and little sioux rivers through tuesday. the ocheyedan river is at 9 feet with the flood stage at 8 feet, minor flooding occuring
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expected. little sioux river is over the flood stage as well at 10.3 feet. expected to crest on tuesday with minor flooding expected. things to keep in mind... don't go near flooded fields, turn around, don't drown.. your car can easily be swept away. cloudy and misty in storm lake and on the port neal welding company sky cam hd. got to 45 today, that's 8 above normal. still looking at temperatures in the upper 30s as they
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notches cooler than yesterday. temperatures will stay steady near 40 for monday and tuesday as well. winds are calm, which isn't helping the fog situation. air is very saturated with relative humity well over 70, near or
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clouds and patchy fog, getting down to 30. no clearing in sight on satellite. clouds on stormcast hd with fog developing overnight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow, like toy... clouds and temps hovering 40. tomorrow night we bring in some rain after midnight. as temperatures cool we could see icing
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slippery roads for your tuesday morning commute with sleet and snow possible. decreasing clouds tuesday, finally more sunshine wednesday. tonight, 30 with stubborn clouds and patchy fog. tomorrow, 42, morning fog and still cloudy. rain to snow coming in overnight. 7-day has breezy winds tuesday and thursday.. with when we come back...nebraska hosted missouri in the n-w-c-a alex has the action from lincoln when we
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urnament gets underway in thirteen days.... earlier today, the huskers had their final tune-up against missouri in the n-w-c-a national duals. lets head to the devaney center for this renewal of their big 12 rivalry. starting at 125 missouri's barlow mcgee with a late takedown in the 3rd to beat nebeaska's tim lambert 5-3 mizzou up 3-0 == 133 eric montoya in a battle with missouri's zach synon montoya pulls out the 4-0 win all tied at 3 == 149... barn burner jake sueflohn takes lavion mayes to double overtime... and he gets an escape and a takedown to get the win 4-1 but missouri would go on to win it19-14 the huskers are out of the national duals. down in lincoln...nebraska
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huskers..starting guard kyndal clark out for the season with a knee injury and rachel theriot listed as day to day with a nagging foot injury so the huskers started a patchwork lineup and its natalie romeo with a 3...she had 15.. == allie havers with a good day she takes the feed from jess shepard havers had 12 points == and anya kalenta had a good day too she had 13 points on the day == but jess shepard struggled... only 2 points today.. 5 boards the huskers fall 68-50 elsewhere in the big ten.....iowa beats indiana at home for the 28th straight time....76- 73 the final. ally disterhoft led the way with 19 points and eight rebounds for the hawks. alex the south dakota men have a losing record, but they're above .500 at the dakotadome. on their home court, the coyotes are 6-, they hosted denver in their home finale. both teams fighting for a spot in the summit league tournament...the top eight make the cut... opening half.....trey norris spots up and hits the jumper.....he finished with ten points for the coyotes... and what's a u-s-d
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slam! the junior nearly had a double-double...10 points. 9 boards... d.j. davis led the yotes with 14.......this triple starts a south dakota rally. but it wasn't enough... usd falls 76- 71....they have to win one of their final two games to make the tournament or wait for a western illinois loss. alex in saturday's home finale, the south dakota ladies beat sdsu...completing the season sweep. that win was their final game at the dakotadome....unle ss the 'yotes host a postseason tournament. way.....with their senior nicole seekamp notched her ninth career double- double....the final home chapter in her storied career in vermillion. coyotes are in of first place in the summit league with two games to play. became the second- winningest coach in school history with her 86th victory. what a day for the program. "just really proud of this team and we relied really heaviliy on the experience that we had on our roster today to pull out a win. we did
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find a way to close out the dome with a win just proud of the way we found a way to close it out." "we came out on top and that's exactly what we wanted. and now we are just going to learn what our mistakes were in that game and then we will focus on the next one as just another game." south dakota wraps up the regular season this week with road trips to fort wayne and i-u-p-u-i. the nascar season under way down in florida....the daytona 500 kicking things off and what a race it was....matt kensen led 40 laps down the stretch but here comes denny hamlin. he comes from fourth to first and beats out martin truex junior in a heartstopper. closet daytona 500 finish ever....hamlin wins his first 500 by eleven one thousandths of a second. the iowa baseball team on the road at dallas baptist....dbu coach dan keefner is an iowa city native and was an assistant coach under rick heller at uni calvin matthews solid on the mound for the hawks....four innings of one-run
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top of the seventh...iowa down 1-0 until nick roscetti brings in corbin woods with an rbi groundout....the series finale tied at one.... but in the bottom of the eighth...the patriots break it open with a three-run frame....this a two-run single....dallas baptist completes the three game sweepp...4-1 the final.
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patchy fog. tomorrow, 42, morning fog and still cloudy. rain to snow coming in overnight. 7-day has breezy winds tuesday and thursday.. with
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temperatures are possible for the
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>> the following is a production of learfield sports. >> hi, everybody, and welcome to the steve prohm show powered by iowa corn. iowa state splits a pair of games this week, falling at number 25 baylor in overtime, and then coming back to beat tcu at hilton coliseum, 92-83. coach, that's the big 12. road breakthroughs are hard to get.
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but baylor got you in a really hard fought basketball game then you came back with a nice win. >> we did, the baylor game, you know... obviously we had our chances down the stretch. you know, we did a great job of scoring the basketball, just couldn't get big stops and then the last couple possessions, you wish you could get those back, but baylor's tough. they're a tough -- they're a very good basketball team and it's tough to win there. hopefully if we meet them again at tournament, there'll be a different result. but it was good to get back home, good win versus tcu, and now we're on to morgantown. >> what was the biggest positive you took out of the tcu game? >> just our efficiency offensively. again, really good scoring night, 92, and this team can get 80. it's about getting stops and finishing plays, and obviously we didn't rebound well in that tcu game from a defensive standpoint, but offensively, we shared the ball, 24 assists, eight turnovers. >> we're gonna take a short break. when we come back, we'll first check out


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